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קולר לכלב

Why We Chose to Work with the Maasai Tribe?

Introduction: At LAYA's, we take pride in our unique collars, handcrafted by women from the Maasai tribe in Kenya. Our choice to collaborate with the Maasai tribe is not coincidental; it stems from significant values and considerations that underpin our work.

1. Art and Tradition: The Maasai tribe is renowned for its traditional beadwork, an art form passed down through generations for hundreds of years. Their original designs are famous for their beauty and creativity, blending culture and tradition that span centuries. Each collar is a unique piece of art reflecting the rich history of the Maasai tribe.

2. Supporting the Local Community: We believe in fair trade and supporting local communities. By working with women from the Maasai tribe, we provide them with employment opportunities and a stable income. These women receive fair wages for their work, allowing them to support their families and invest in their community.

3. Quality and Unique Design: Our collars are made from high-quality local leather and adorned with traditional Maasai beads. The leather and beads are carefully selected to ensure the quality and durability of the collars. Each collar is handcrafted and meticulously designed, making each one a unique and special item.

4. Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. By working with the Maasai tribe, we use recycled and local materials, such as recycled brass buckles and local leather. This is part of our effort to conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

Conclusion: Our decision to work with the Maasai tribe is based on values of supporting local communities, environmental sustainability, and a love for traditional art. We take pride in the fact that our collars are not only beautiful and high-quality but also carry a deep and meaningful story. When you purchase a collar from LAYA's, you support Maasai artisans and their communities, and you receive a unique item with real value.