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About us

Welcome to LAYA's, the store where you can find the dog collar you've been looking for!

Our founder, born and raised in Kenya, is a passionate dog lover who combines traditional Maasai art with a love for dogs.

Our love for dogs and admiration for the Maasai beadwork led us to share this stunning collar collection with you. The Maasai women have been crafting bead art for centuries, and their original designs are known for their beauty and creativity, blending culture and tradition.

The dog collars are made from high-quality local leather, the buckles are made from locally recycled brass, and adorned with traditional Maasai beadwork.

The designs are the unique, classic patterns of the Maasai tribe, representing the tribe's cultural and traditional values for centuries.

Each collar is a unique work of art that will make your dog stand out from the crowd.

In addition to being beautiful, our dog collars are also fair trade. This means that the Maasai women who produce them receive fair compensation for their work.

We believe in fair trade, as it helps improve the lives of women and their families in Kenya.

LAYA's supports local artists and communities.

Join our dog-loving community and discover the beauty of the unique collars that embody the spirit of Kenya in each creation.